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Trade Technology Systems Inc. is your premier provider in cloud based software solutions for the import/export industry. Aside from solving today’s Freight Forwarder demands, our 30 year plus experience allows us to also provide any type of custom business operation solutions.

Experience since 1979

Trade Technology Systems Inc.has the experience to meet all types of client needs with a proven record of software expertise and US Customs regulations.

Customized Client Solutions

No matter the difficulty or complexity of your need solutions, we are dedicated to writing software that is easy to use and conveniently available on any of your devices.

Advanced Software

With technology changing at the fastest pace in today’s world, we at TTS Inc. ensure that our code is the most robust system available with the utmost attention to security and privacy.

US Customs Brokers License Based IS Trade Solutions

IS Trade Solutions is a highly secure cloud based operations solution, that allows Freight Forwarders to fully automate their business at the office or at work. We provide the functionality needed to efficiently manage international air and freight shipment processes. We believe in architectural and personalized customer solutions that allow the user to a unique specific requirement-based software that delivers solutions to the customer’s unique business requirements.

Automated Broker Interface (ABI)

Automated Export System (AES)

Ace Cargo/Entry (ACE)


Importer Security Filing (ISF)

Drawback & FTZ

About Us

Trade Technology Systems (TTS Inc.) a  bilingual company(English and Spanish), was established in Laredo, Texas as a computer software development business. Since 1979, we have been providing computer software, hardware, installation, development, training, legislative updates, technical support, and Federal representation to the import and export industry. We were the first ABI approved software vendor in the southern part of the United State mostly border states with Mexico. One of our customer received the award of being the 100th approved ABI broker in the United States. We keep up with all the regulations CBP (customs) changes.

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Trade Technology Systems Inc.
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